What is the different between flash, thumb and pen drives?
It all mean the same thing. USB Flash Drive is the actual name use internationally. Thumbdrive and Pendrive are two of the brand name of USB Flash Drives. Malaysia commonly use thumb drive and pen drive to refer to USB flash drive.

The flash drive is made from Where? Which brands? Good quality?
The flash drive is made in Taiwan and production in China (Kingston same too). Kingston is just the international brand name. The USB chip brands are Micron, Intel, and Toshiba. All products are with 3 years local warranty.

How to claim the warranty?
Very easy. Just send us back the defect product, after done inspection we will replace one by one and send back to your place. Normally is about a week time.

How to custom made own flash drive?
Easy and just follow the step below:
Step 1: Choose the types of your flash drive
Step 2: Prefer made in what memory sizes. Available from 128MB ~16GB
Step 3: Quantity and Logo printing (How many colour)
Step 4: Choose the packing method
Step 5: Send us the detail. We will give the best quotation and price for you.

What if company want to make different design of the flash drive / custom made own design flash drive? 
Just send us the picture and the design, we can provide custom made service for you. For the special case or more information, you can arrange appointment with us. We will give you the best solutions.

Feel free to contact us for any question and inquiry, Thank you!